The search for meaning is a seemingly never-ending journey. When you refuse to succumb to the readily available answers, to the low-hanging solutions, such as national identity or religion, the search takes on a foggier path. 

At first, you keep the unjustified expectation of something grand, something all-encompassing, something that is transparent, not translucent.

Yet when one embarks on the journey of finding the meaning of one’s existence translucency is what one finds at best. 

Eyes laid upon images of clear shapes yet lacking any detail. You may know where your life should ultimately lead, but you still lack the specific details of what does the chief end of your existence entail. 


If this is all too complicated I can only agree. What I want to say is this. Finding the meaning of your existence is difficult. Even if you find an answer that feels true on the inside, and I say feel unashamed because the wisdom of the gut and the heart is all-too-important here, it often doesn’t outline a clear path forward. 

You might know you want to build something grand, make the world a better place, help the people struggling around you, yet you remain paralyzed, unable to take the next step. Step in which direction?

If this sounds anything like you (I tend to overcomplicate questions for myself), the solution many people throughout history already spoke of and I have to agree with, is to make the step into the uncertainty. We have to embrace the anxiety of the choice to commit, knowing that it is better to commit to something that will turn out to have been slightly off our target than to remain inert.

If we want to make the most out of life, inertness is the worst state to remain in. Indecision will prevent us from action and life will slip through our fingers.


So, if you are lucky to have at least a murky vision of where should your life lead, go after the specific path that seems the most fitting for your situation. You will be able to adjust later. Just don’t stay inert. I personally know how little value it brings. This doesn’t mean you have to stop questioning whether you are heading in the right direction. It only means that you are finally moving somewhere and if need be, you can adjust the course.


If you don’t have even the faintest idea of where your life should lead, and if the thought of making something of your life amounts to an existential need, I recommend taking the time to do the soul searching. It is a long journey yet well worth the time and effort, and one might say a necessary one. As a help on your journey, I wrote this essay.


Until next time.




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