Thanks for stopping by. My name is Andrej Jurga and I created this blog in order to have a platform for the sharing of ideas that I had the chance to encounter and to think about. The topics range widely and thus might seem rather erratic. This, however, is a natural result of my migrating enthusiasm towards particular topics. As a consequence, the hardest thing for me is to finish any piece of writing to a satisfactory level. Well actually to any level. That is another reason why I chose to start this blog so that I have the motivation to polish up the texts I have sitting on my Google Disk and maybe add value to a reader or two. My primary goal and pleasure is to spark a conversation about the topics that at some point excited me enough to write about them, a conversation intellectually stimulating that will lead to a deeper understanding of the topic of all people involved and might cause some change of minds.

As far as I go, I am just a guy that likes to think about stuff, about almost anything, and from the usage of Reddit, I find it very satisfying to dive into a question together with a number of like-minded, enthusiastic people.

Enjoy and please add anything you like to the conversation!


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